How I turned my childhood dream into reality

Life doesn’t stop at 40. On the contrary. It was only in my 40s when I truly found my business mojo and turned my childhood dream into reality and started running my own fashion magazine.

It all started with a blog which soon evolved into a community where women shared their style. Soon after the 21 Steps style course was introduced and hundreds of lives were transfomed. The 40+Style club was founded a year ago and helps women over 40 ignite their style. Millions have now visited and interacted with the site. 

I now have a business I love that allows me to travel and shape my life the way I want to.


For years I did not know what to do.

I worked in several companies but felt completely drained when I came home at night. Working for someone else just wasn’t for me.

Then I started a web design business, which was fun for a while but after a few years, creating sites for other people felt too much like ‘work’ again.

I really wanted a business that I truly loved. A business that did not feel like a drain and that would improve the lives of others and give me creative energy. Something that didn’t feel too much like ‘work’ and that would give me the freedom to look after my family, induldge in my love for travel, and go out and ‘play’ whenever I liked.

I just didn’t know how.


During this time I had been travelling for quite a few years.

I moved from The Netherlands to Australia to Singapore to China and back to Singapore when my son was 5 years old. I was ready for a change and a new business.

I knew I wanted to do something I was truly passionate about but couldn’t quite found what it was. I started project after project and after a while it felt like I had created a worse job for myself. Only this time I didn’t actually get paid much.

Essentially I was throwing spaghetti at the wall just to see what sticked.

Not surprisingly, nothing did. Something had to change.

I finally hit rock bottom when one of my projects started to fail badly.

I definitely felt like giving up that time.


But that failure turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I was forced to really rethink my strategy. I knew I had to do things totally differently.

I knew I had to create a business I enjoyed on a topic that I deeply care about.

I went through a process of rediscovery and tuning in with myself to get clarity.

I connected with the things I loved doing and that I knew I was good at.

Through that process I (re)discovered that my true passion was style and fashion, which had been a red thread throughout my life. All of a sudden it just seemed so obvious that I could not quite believe how I somehow missed all the signals.


From that moment on, everything just flowed.

Through some of my past failures I now knew what to do and what to focus on.

I had found my calling and I was ready to shout it from the rooftops.

No surprise that site took off!

I reached my audience quickly and within the first year had 50,000 monthly visitors.

I made my monlthy revenue goal within one year and since then revenue has continued to grow.

From my previous failure, I had learned so much and I could now put all that I learned into practise. 


How to stay focussed and do the things that matter

Focus is key! As is choosing the right things to work on.

Finding your genius & what you want to create

When you tap into what you’re good at and passionate about, magic happens.

Getting traffic & building an audience

Without traffic or an audience for your offers, you don’t have a business.

Building an email list and connecting with your audience

Your email list is still the most important tool you have to reach your potential customers.

How to get over your fear and start selling

It’s not as scary as you think when you believe in what you offer!

How to work ON the business rather than IN it

You want to be the CEO of your business which is the only way to GROW.


Have you always dreamed of starting a business that gives you the freedom to work whenever and whereever you want?

It’s all possible with an online business!

Let me show you how you can turn your expertise into a thriving business that embraces your values and passion.

Do the work you love and make good money at the same time.

Learn from someone that went through the whole process before you and who created a true lifestyle business, based on her passion.

It will take dedication, time and passion but if you have plenty of that, then you too can become the next successful online entrepreneur!.

The official bio


Sylvia is a serial entrepreneur and online business strategist who loves to empower women over 40 to reach their full potential through style and entrpreneurship. Her website 40+style reaches more than 400,000 women each month.

Over the years she has helped businesses and individuals get started online and build successful businesses.  From website creation, SEO, marketing & branding, online advertising, course creation, traffic generation and social media, Sylvia has done it all.

Considering herself a world citizen, she has lived in 8 different countries, frequently travels to many more and currently lives in Singapore with her husband and son.


Then let me take you by the hand and teach you everything I know.

Let me give you the confidence you need to truly make a difference and finally live the life you allways dreamed of!