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Judith Boyd is in her seventies.

Her age doesn’t stop her from taking life head-on though and she is constantly challenging herself.

About 8 years ago she started her blog for which she has built a very loyal audience. Her instagram now has more than 41,000 followers and she has been profiled on many high profile websites including 40+Style! You can read her style interview here.

What started as a hobby has now morphed into a business and modeling career and Judith has many exciting plans for the future to develop her business even further.

How to become a model after 70 |

In this episode of the 40+Entrepreneur podcast you will discover:

  • How Judith turned her blog into a business
  • Why she loves being an online entrepreneur
  • Why she believes in doing something scary every day
  • How she will develop her business in the coming years and her new exciting plans for something complete different

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You can read the full interview in our article¬†How to turn your hobby into a business and become a model over 70. You’ll be treated to many more of her gorgeous images too!

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